Catalog Whisky Retailer and Bottlers' Whisky Specialist:

Our staple items are the old vintage Scotch Whisky bottles circulated in the 70's and 80's and the limited edition bottles released by the famous bottlers such as G&M, Cadenhead's and so on.


address: 676-18 Ohtani, Konko, Asakuchi, Okayama, JAPAN
postal code: 719-0111
email: whisky@auld-river.com
fax: +81-865-47-0788
tel: +81-865-47-0788

Order or Inquiry

1. Email:
Email: whisky@auld-river.com

2. Fax
Order by fax would be also appreciated.

International: 81-865-47-0788
Within Japan: 0865-47-0788

3. Phone, Letter, Postal Card

If you cannot make use of either method of email or fax, please make use of telephone or mail service.

Office Phone:
International: 81-865-47-0788
Within Japan: 0865-47-0788

Letter or Postal Card:
676-18 Ohtani, Konko, Asakuchi, Okayama
719-0111 JAPAN



We use Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Shipping cost:
When in summer, you can select the refrigerated transport service by selecting "Cool Takkyu-bin" when you check out your order.

COD option:
Cash on Delivery option is available.



1. Bank Transfer
Payment is required in advance. Payment amount shall include the bottle(s) price, the consumption tax and the delivery cost. The consumption tax costs 8% to the bottle(s) price.

2. Paypal
Credit card payment is available by selecting Paypal, when you check out.